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Although the notion of corruption has many interpretations, Anticorruption Movement Nepal is mainly concerned with public corruption : we define corrupt people as civil servants or elected representatives of the people who distort the institutions in order to take illegal advantage, for themselves or their relatives, of their functions or social status by cheating the society and the country. Corruption is not a country-specific problem. All the countries in the world suffer from various degrees of corruption, and are trying to control it through their own means. In developed countries, the incidence of corruption is minimal, whereas in developing countries its effect is widespread.

Countries such as Nepal are suffering acutely from this problem. Indeed, corruption diverts resources that were intended for infrastructure and social welfare : if we ignore such a critical issue, all our developmental efforts will be halted, and except for a small group of opportunists, the country as a whole will suffer. Not only does corruption invite poverty, but it also spreads anarchy in politics, which endangers democracy and even the  security of

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photo AMN Launched TV Programme

According to the works of Transparency International, Nepal is one of the most corrupted nations in the world. Moreover, far from getting better, the situation worsens at a dramatic pace whereas

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photo Awareness and Interaction Programme in Marvellous English Boarding School

The Anti-Corruption Movement Nepal conducted an interaction programme on the 16th of June 2014, at the Marvellous English Boarding School. The aim of the programme was to raise awareness against corruption in Nepal and introduce the concept of 'anticorruptology'. The programme rec

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